Trip Reports

Oct 1 2017 - Fall colors run

Sept 2 20173 - Eagle Rock Night Run

Sept 2 2017 - Labor Day Weekend in Buena Vista

Aug 19 2017 - Blanca Peak

July 15 2017 - Veterans Home Show & Shine

June 3 2017 - Eagle Rock Scouting trip

May 19 2017 - Moab, day 4

May 18 2017 - Moab, day 3

May 17 2017 - Moab, day 2

May 16 2017 - Moab, day 1

May 6-2017 - Hackett Gulch

April 9 2017 - Chinaman's Gulch

Feb 25-2017 - Hackett Gulch

Dec 18, 2016 - Christmas Party 2016

Oct 12-15 2016 - Chile Challenge

Sept 10 2016 - Spring Creek

Sept 1-4 2016 - Dakota Territory Challenge 2016

July 2 2016 - Veteran's Home Show-n-Shine

June 18 2016 - Eagle Rock Work Trip

June 4 2016 - Eagle Rock Scouting trip

May 13 2016 - Moab: Top of The World , Day 4

May 12 2016 - Moab: Strike Ravine & Area BFE , Day 3

May 11 2016 - Moab: Metal Masher , Day 2

May 10 2016 - Moab: The Pickle , Day 1

May 10 2016 - Moab: Seven Mile Rim , Day 1

April 9 2016 - Chinaman's Gulch

Oct 25 2015 - Chinamans Gulch

Sept 23-26 2015 - Moab

Sept 4 2015 - Dakota Territory Challenge

August 22 2015 - Blanca Peak

Aug 8 2015 - Red Cone

July 25, 2015 - Holy Cross

June 28, 2015 - Eagle Rock Trail Cleanup

June 20 2015 - Twin Cone

June 13, 2015 - Metberry Bulch

May 16 2015 - Carnage BV

May 2, 2015 - Liberty

June 28, 2014 - Twin Cone

June 21, 2014 - Work Trip-Eagle Rock/Reynolds Wrap

May 17, 2014 - Rainbow Falls

May 4, 2014 - Independence Trails

April 27, 2014 - Chinaman Gulch

Trip Reports

Fall colors run
Date: Oct 1 2017
Trip Leader: Dave P.
Members Present: Paul, Cindy, Cherie, Brylan, James, Ray , Leah, Brendan, Lyall, Kim, Julian, Riley, Colin, Stephanie, Matt, Kim, Matthew.
Guests Present:
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Description: Leaving Starbucks at Sears Southgate the caravan consisted of myself, Paul and Cindy Beaudean, Cherie Provin with Brylan with his guest James (driving her newly painted PINK Rubiclone), Ray and Leah Bork and nephew Brendan, Lyall and Kim Shepperd with Julian and Riley, Colin and Stephanie Hoppe, Matt and Kim and Mathew Dodd. The weather was sunny and very pleasant, the aspens in the high country were so-so, I wouldn’t say spectacular, because some stands had already peaked, yet directly across the road there were some that were still totally green. Still there was quite a bit of good color especially as we turned onto Greenhorn Highway (SH 165). Bishop’s Castle was open fortunately, and everyone had a great time exploring the tall towers (well most of us anyway). We were there probably just over an hour and as we getting ready to leave, Jim Bishop showed up and started his Bobcat tractor and off he went. After leaving “the castle”, we continued a short way on SH165 and found a side trail to explore (probably about a mile) which dead-ended at a nice picnic area with hiking trails. Found our way onto CO-78 (dirt rd) and found a nice campfire area just off the road, so we stopped for lunch. It was a quick lunch as the wind was blowing steady and cold. We continued on into Beulah Valley and with the help of GPS found our way to North Creek Road (FR387) which completed the loop around Beulah, connecting to SH96 just south of Wetmore. Just before reaching SH96, Cherie pulled over to check a whining noise from linkage/transmission area of Rubiclone. Still drivable we decided to continue on, and many miles later, in Florence, as we were turning onto Hwy 115 from Hwy 67, it gave out for good. Quickly on the scene was Colin, Lyall and Matt, and the diagnosis was that the transfer case failed with the linkage being stuck, and it was un-drivable. So Cherie having towing INSURANCE called around and coordinated a tow back to the springs. Lyall and Kim were able to take Cherie, Brylan, James and two dogs in their really nice and big Nissan Armada. {Thanks Lyall and Kim}. Other than the breakdown, it was a real enjoyable trip through the wet mountains, at a nice time of year, with decent weather, and a great bunch of folks from the Bighorn 4x4 club.