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Trip Reports

Work Trip-Eagle Rock/Reynolds Wrap
Date: June 21, 2014
Trip Leader: Matt Dobbs
Members Present: Matt / Jim, Tim / Cherie (kids), Paul, Bob, Fred /Rakel, Alex/Kristine, Donald (child)
Guests Present:
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Description: Trip Report | Eagle Rock/Renolds Wrap | Saturday June 21, 2014
By Jim

Rick and another Ranger showed, popped the lock on the gate and we let the 2 wheelers head up first. As soon as we hit the dirt and made it out of the twisties, we could see a jeep on its side on the side of the road. As we rolled up on the wreck, the second Ranger who was hauling his ATV came back around as well as some Texas Bubba and his buddy in a Jeep. The Texas Bubba has a rental cabin up the road and noticed all the traffic. Thinking the gate was left open he came down to check it out and saw the wreck as well. Ranger said that the wreck had happened the previous night. Looks like they went off the side of the road, up the bank, hit a big rock and rolled on the drivers side. The right front control arm was damaged, along with the fender. Seems that the dude/dudette driving left their camo military hat in the vehicle along with the Jeep keys and house keys. I can only imagine how mad they would be if they had to hike it out, get a ride home and realize the house keys were still in the Jeep! Couple of pictures later and we were off again.

We arrived at Trail 379 (9900’ elev) at 9:13a and made our way up to the Meadow (10,300’) and waited for Ranger Gretchen to show up with the fence supplies and to go over some safety information. Gretchen finally showed with the goodies, Matt did his best to draw attention to himself to see if she would pay attention. During our quick little meeting of who, what, where, when and why’s, Ranger Rick rolled in on a dirt bike, added his 2 cents, we grabbed the tools and then we all put a hand in and yelled ‘Break’. 10:06a Off we went back down the trail to the Old Stage road and up to 370C.

Arrived at 370C at 10:22a to find NO lake at the entrance. Bob mentioned that a couple weeks earlier on the scouting trip there was a BUNCH of water there. The trail head looked pretty good so we split the jeeps up and half went up to the other ‘meadow’ and started cleaning that area while group 1 started at the bottom and worked their way up to the entrance to Saran Wrap 370D. Some plastic goodies, many shotgun shells, a bit of paper, a few rusty nails/spikes etc and we had a couple bags of trash for the back of Paul’s Toyota.

10:52am and at an elevation of 10K feet, we headed up Saran Warp 370D trail to check things out. Earlier in the week Ranger Rick mentioned to me that the trail was ‘washed out’, not passible unless you had a big truck and ‘big tires’. We took that as a challenge to check out the trail and see if what he said was true. For the most part…YES. First up was a frame twister section, this is where Paul broke a section of his fan blade off when the truck was crossed up and the fan hit the skid plate. Paul then started losing what we thought was PS fluid but turned out it was water from the radiator. This was the maiden wheeling trip for is solid axle Toy with a swapped in Toy 3.4 V6. Paul parked it and rode the rest of the trip with Bob. I hopped out of Matt’s rig and took some video which I will edit up later. We finished up the Saran Wrap trail without any other issues. Was Ranger Rick correct? Big tires needed? 35’s and lockers worked. I would happen to say that this trail put a smile on all of our faces. Nice challenging run. We ran back down the trail, stopped at Pauls Toyota so he could dump a gallon of agua in the radiator and we hit the meadow at Noon.

The weather Gods were playing nice with us…some sun, a light breeze and so far NO rain or hail! Our 40 min lunch break was a ‘run what ya brung’, we swapped some stories, told some jokes about yellow Jeeps and wondered if anyone had some spy shots of Sue’s Jeep down at Crazy Ed’s.

At 12:40 we were packed up and headed up to start the Eagle Rock trail and get up top to take a look for the fence damage that we were going to repair. Not sure if Donald in the CJ7 jinxed himself back down at the Starbucks, because he started having fuel issues AGAIN. He told us about having his tank cut apart and sandblasted, replacing filters, etc and how he HOPED that would fix the fuel issues. Well, yeah…not so much. Seems that there was some sort of blockage in the tank. Matt suggested pulling the line off the filter that goes to the tank, and after some sucking and blowing…Matt got fuel to spray back from the hose. As Donald was putting the clamps back on the hose, the club decided that a few needed to go back with Paul and Donald while the rest continued up the trail to get the fence work done.

Paul and Donald turned around and headed down the trail along with Tim/Cherie and Alex/Kristine.

Matt and myself along with Fred and Bob ran Eagle Rock. Not as challenging as Saran Wrap, but not for 31’s and no lockers. Matt likes to drive fast, so we made it thru in record time. No issues at all. This is another FUN trail that is close to home.

Made it up to Bull/Elk park at about 1:15p and found the downed fence. On the left side is a long stretch of fence that ‘blocks’ off the muddy stream area. Well, some chuckleheads decided to cut, twist, pry, fold, pull out, toss, hide the fencing and posts in numerous areas. We all worked together to get everything back in place, mend the wire, stretch it tight, and clip it to the t-posts. This area is normally maintained by the Colorado Christian 4 Wheelers, but during their clean up a few weeks ago, they were unable to due to time or did not have the tools to fix the fence so we offered our assistance to the Forest Service. Pretty easy work really, at SEA LEVEL! At 10,000 feet and 2 hours into the job, we were all a bit winded. We wrapped up the spool of wire, grabbed the tools and hit the trail at 3:15.

Quick 15 min later and we were on the main 376 road headed out toward the highway. Great scenery and Matt mentioned that this part of 376 is great for a Fall Colours (Canadian spelling) ((always wanted to do that)) run. As we were getting near the livestock pens on CR8, we spy a blue Toyota Truck on the side of the road. Sho-nuff it was Paul’s. No Paul though. We could see a wet spot under the front, and figured that the radiator or hose or all of the above let go again and he had to head off to get the truck and trailer. (note from Paul). < There seems to be some confusion about what happened to my truck on its shakedown trip. Upon getting very twisty the fan stuck the upper radiator tank and put a pin hole in it. Rather than take a chance I went and got my truck and trailer. I am either going to have to find a way to move the radiator a couple of inches farther from the fan or go electric. I will consider both options. Paul>

We continued on CR* till we hit CR81 and took off toward Divide. Matt wanted us to stop and grab a bite to eat at a local joint called Russ’ Place. It is a nice little beer/food joint that is just off the main road. If you did not know it was there you would miss it. Burgers and Beer/Soda for everyone…except Bob who ate a Salad and had a Diet Soda. While sipping on his Shirley Temple, Bob called Paul’s house and talked to Cindy to make sure that he had made it home and see if he needed any help. She gave the word that he was off with the boy to get the trailer from behind the motorhome and head up to divide and retrieve the dehydrated Toyota. While Bob was on the phone, we all pulled out our electronic devices and acted like a bunch of teenagers between classes at school, checking emails and updating Facebook. The food came fast and hot, the beer/soda was cold, service was great and prices reasonable. I will put this on my “will go back to” list.

Bob wanted to take us back via the Rampart Range Road / Mt Herman Road and hit I-25 at Monument. Missed a turn onto the 320 Road and hit the Douglas County Line…OOPS. 8 miles back and we were on the right road. Washboard gravel and a few oncoming cars driving in the center, otherwise nothing exciting. Well...there were a few car loads of Frauleins that passed us... When we hit I-25, Fred peeled off and headed South, Matt and Bob headed up the 105 a few miles and then Bob turned to his mansion in trees, while Matt and I continued on 105 to 83 and then thru Black Forest to Falcon. Arrived at the house at about 7:15 dusty and tired. All in all it was a great day and a great trip.

Jim Johnson VP BigHorn 4x4