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Oct 14, 2017 - Chinaman's Gulch Night Run

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June 28, 2015 - Eagle Rock Trail Cleanup

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May 2, 2015 - Liberty

June 28, 2014 - Twin Cone

June 21, 2014 - Work Trip-Eagle Rock/Reynolds Wrap

May 17, 2014 - Rainbow Falls

May 4, 2014 - Independence Trails

April 27, 2014 - Chinaman Gulch

Trip Reports

Eagle Rock Trail Cleanup
Date: June 28, 2015
Trip Leader: Jim Johnson
Members Present: Bob Novak, Matt Dodds, Russ
Guests Present:
Picture Link: Jim's photos              
Description: Matt arrived at my house promptly at 7:49am. We loaded up my tools, lunch and off we headed to the Starbucks by the Broadmoor. Apparently, Matt was a bit engrossed in the music playing, Yes – Roundabout, and we ended up on Highway 24 / Cimmaron exit. After a couple of left turns, we were headed the correct direction and found our way to the the Southgate Starbucks at 8:46a. Bob was already in the parking lot airing down when we pulled in. We said hi and started to grab our stuff to air down as well. Couple minutes later we heard ruckus in the parking lot and it was Russ in his Mad Max Fury Road Jeep “Cherokee”. Russ said he had a sticking right front brake caliper on the way over and hoped it would free itself soon. After depositing money in Howard Schultz's bank account, we loaded up and hit the road at 9:05. This next part of the drive is always fun. Parading a hodgepodge of Jeeps thru the fancy pants Broadmoor neighborhood, where you wonder if the drivers of the Escalades know where the 4WD BUTTON is located on the dash. Our caravan of three made it to Penrose and Cheyenne and we had to pull over for Russ. The Mad Max machine was smokin like a VW Bus on its way to Woodstock. Remember that sticking brake caliper mentioned earlier? Well, it was still sticking and Russ had to keep his foot in it to keep the Jeep moving. The engine temp came up to about 220 and then the power steering fluid decided to make a quick escape from its home to the hot exhaust header. After a fluid top off, we continued up the road. 9:26am – We made it to the dirt road and Russ was still smokin. He decided to leave the beast at the hairpin turn and caught a ride with Bob. The road up to the trail was in MUCH better condition than a month ago. We hit the trail head/lake area 10:05am The water was way down from a month ago. We finished the trash cleanup at 10:32am with 2.5 bags. Not bad at all. Cardboard boxes, shell casings and remnants of old computers were the norm for trash again. Bob said he saw what looked like a pretty big cooler that was left behind, but upon further inspection it was someones port-a-potty. Bob did not take a peek to see if someone had taken the Browns to the Super Bowl or not. Next up was the meadow, again, nothing really dirty up there. We found the trash bags that the FS left for us at the intersection of 370 C/D and filled up a couple more. Someone had drug a heavy wooden desk up to the top of the meadow and left it off to the left side by the ravine. It was mostly busted up but surprisingly not shot up. Humm. We wondered why you would move that heavy ass thing up there and at least not take a couple of blasts at it. Oh well. Most of the trash in the meadow was old shell casings and a few bottles and cans. Matt and I grabbed our shovels and diverted some of the water that was on the trail right before the meadow back into the culvert it was supposed to be in. Super big rain and our little dam work would be for not...but for today mission accomplished. BTW - We did run into a couple of Fraulein s with a dog and a few kids in tow. The had driven their Subaru about half way up the trail to the meadow, and then walked in the 20 diaper bag full of stuff for their camping adventure. They were actually packing out when we were headed up. Ok, back to the desk and trash. There were some rather large pieces of the desk that Matt decided to use as an RTI ramp. It took a couple of tries but his Jeep finally mall crawled up the desk pieces and broke them into sections that we could take out of there. After contemplating leaving the desk and bags for the FS, we decided to take the desk pieces and the rest of the trash back to the trail entrance so that the FS could pick it up the next day. (Gretchen said that they would take out our trash ;) Play time and trash time in the Meadow was done at 11:28am. Trash drop off and snack time at the trail head/lake wrapped up at 11:45am and we turned back up the road to go and wheel Eagle Rock. Nothing real exciting to report, Matt did get crossed up in a section and we pulled out the winch line to help him get re-oriented on the trail. The snow section where part of of our Donner party got stopped a month ago was bare. Cruised right on thru. Stopped in the 2nd meadow for lunch and re-spool Matts winch cable. Rain started to come, so we headed out over the top and back down the dirt road. The rain picked up and we got caught behind a F150, a TJ and a CJ7, all driving slow, slow, slow. We were able to pass the three of them, but then the rain picked up and it started to hail. We pulled under some trees near the muddy area of Frosty Park and threw the Bikini Top on, but were passed by the S-L-O-W train. UGG. Bob was up ahead of us and we got stuck behind. As the Truck and one jeep pulled to the right, we passed them and then as one of the jeeps hit a mud puddle, we went for the Kyle Busch pass, ducking under the left front and away we went. Pretty fun bombing down the trail in a rain storm, slowing only for water bars. We finally caught up with Bob, he was moving along at a good pace as well on that bottom portion of the trail, and followed each other back down 370 to the paved road. With the rain still coming down at a good clip, the decision was made to air up in the drive thru at the Bank of Broadmor on Lake Avenue and then Bob would take Russ back to Manitou to get his truck and trailer and tow the Cherokee home. Left the Bank after depositing some mud at 2:35pm. Great day, Great wheeling and the trail is cleaner. Jim