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Bighorn 4x4 Club of Colorado Springs is a family oriented club established in 1979. We are dedicated four-wheelers interested in the promotion of 4x4 recreation, conservation of our natural resources, and community involvement. We adhere to "Tread Lightly" which promotes responsible use of our nation's public and private lands. As a club, we have many pre-planned local four-wheel drive trips, 2-3 day camp-outs and social get togethers. We also coordinate week long trips to places like Moab and Canyonlands area in Utah, Farmington and Las Cruces in New Mexico, and the San Juan Mountains in Colorado

Some of the activities we have participated in during the club's existence includes the Petersen 4Wheel & Off-Road 4xFun Fest, Pikes Peak Y Camp Shadybrook annual clean-up, Silver Key Thanksgiving and Christmas food and gift delivery, Parents Without Partners camp-outs, Add-A-Man Club recovery off Pikes Peak on New Years Eve, hospital emergency personnel delivery during inclement weather, and the State Four-wheel Drive Association organized March of Dimes and Heart Fund Rallies. Forest Service activities we have accomplished have included road maintenance, mapping, erosion control, planting signs, adopt-a-roads and communication with Forest Service personnel for better land management

As an organized four-wheel drive club we are members of the Colorado State Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs and the United Four-wheel Drive Associations, Inc. Together we work for the common interest of preserving four-wheel drive roads throughout the United States. We have been able to enjoy majestic scenery from the deepest canyons and from the tops of the highest peaks, attainable only with four-wheel drive vehicles.

We are open to all four-wheel drive trucks, from bone-stock to highly modified. Trips are rated according to difficulty, so you know what is appropriate for your vehicle. If exploring scenic and challenging four-wheel drive trails, socializing with other four-wheelers in a family atmosphere, or sitting around the old campfire after a day of trail riding sharing laughs and swapping tall-tales interests you, then contact Bighorn 4x4s and join in the fun.

Required items for a run are: four-wheel drive vehicle in good repair, valid driver's license, registration and insurance, seat belts, fire extinguisher, full size spare tire, jack, lug wrench, tow hooks or clevis, first aid kit, water and basic tools. Requirements for membership are participation on 2 club runs and 1 meeting, and 3 club member's sponsorships. Associate membership (non-voting) requires 1 club member's sponsorship and of course, payment of dues.


Stay on designated trails.

“Being responsible dosen't mean being boring. Have a blast out there. Just use common sense and simple outdoor ethics to keep your riding areas beautiful, healthy, and open.”